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Who is eligible to participate?

This clinical experience is available to University of Toronto medical students in their 1st or 2nd year.

It is also available to visiting students from Canadian and non-Canadian medical schools who are fluent in English.

Please note that we do have a limited number of observers that we can accept each year.

What can I expect to learn?

What you will learn will depend on your own specific learning objectives. Our staff will work with you to finalize these objectives before your observership starts.

As part of the observership, you will:

  • see patients with a Centre physician, or a resident-in-training, who holds an educational license in the province of Ontario

  • attend Centre educational sessions, as appropriate

  • complete an evaluation that includes a reflection of approximately 200 words.

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Where does the teaching take place?

This experience takes place in our:

How long is the observership?

The duration is no longer than 1 month.

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How do I apply for an observership?

To apply, you must email the following to our Education Assistant:

  • requested dates for your observership
  • a draft of your anticipated learning objectives
  • your up-to-date CV.

Your application must be received 3 months in advance of your anticipated start date.  

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What happens after you receive my application?

Once received, our education staff will review your application. They may arrange to have a conversation with you to review your educational objectives and to assess your fluency in English.  

Please note that we are limited to the number of observerships that we can accept each year. 

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